Eric (capricorn_ftl) wrote in gay_fitness,

Hello! Is anybody out there? :)

Is there a LJ community like this one that gets more traffic?

I'm looking for a community of other gay males to discuss physical, mental, and sexual health issues and questions in both a familiar and professional capactiy.

I'd like to discuss things like workout tricks, share eating tips, how to cope with body image, gay community issues, and erotic kinks and how fitness enables them.
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Any specific topics you want to adress?
Hello, if you want to talk about fitness, message me. Would love to meet other people.

let's discuss
I recently joined gymrats on LJ and it gets LOTS of traffeic, and they seem to welcome anyone but bulimics. :)

You might do well to ask your fitness questions there and questions involving sex in gay sex groups. Might be hard to beind all your experts in one place. :)