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My DAMN Tummy

What can I do about the FLAB that's refusing to go away at my abs?

I'm far from a 6-pack, but when I tense my stomach, I can feel the muscle that's there. There's just this layer of fat or whatever that I can't quite get rid of.
I've gone from 190lbs to 146lbs and I look decent, I'm going for healthy trim, not muscular.

I'm now a vegetarian and try to be very scarce with the junk food.

Are there any specific exercises or recommendations for this problem area of mine?
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Maybe you can't do anything about it. Maybe it's how you are built. After losing 50 pounds, it is possible that you need some time to tighten the skin there? I dunno. Just a guess. I've heard of over training the ab area and that it does not really make your abs look better. Who knows... you probably are in fine shape though. Keep up the good work.
There is no way to make fat go away from a specific part or area. Just keep exercising and stick with a stable healthy diet. Fat cells don't disappear, they deflate (basically), so there may not be anything you can really do. Hard to know from just some text on the internet.
a lot of running helps! Cardio can help burn off the fat.
Good luck! Its not easy. Two years ago I went from exactly 300 pounds down to 193, then gained a little back. I have found that some cardio workout and walking/jogging/running helps.

You seemed quite intereting, soooo I added you to my friends list. Add me back if you'd like. :)
added back! *grin*
I had the same exact problem. I went from 270 to 220. Still there, lost a lot of weight, can do crunches like no ones business. But I have a layer of fat. Running has helped. I usually run 15 mins at the start of my workouts usually 4 - 6 days a week. It's slowly shrinking. Not fast enough for me.
THe general consensus with people I know is that it's actually extra-skin at this point and all I can do is work on my abs to help it from sagging too much...
I know it's normal, but geez it sounds so gross...extra skin. Charlie, maybe we can find 2 for 1 lypo somewhere. LOL. I swear I'm gonna turn my hoover into a home lypo machine and start doing infomercials. LOL.
Well, I don't think lipo would help me *wink*
It'd have to be straight up surgery or building up my abs... so I'm opting for the ABS myself!!!
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you guys are gay! go on a fukin diet!
...very constructive, thank you.